Babywearing consult (Single or duo)

Want to learn how to use a a carrier/sling? Alone, with a friend or partner under the guidance of a highly skilled consultant?

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Before the consultation, when agreeing on date and time, the consultant will ask a couple of questions. With this in advance we will have more time during the consultation itself.

During the consultation the consultant first explains the carrier of your choice. Then we practice several times with a doll. This doll feels like a real life baby. If you’ve practiced a couple of times and have built up enough confidence, we will practice with your child. After the consultation you will be able to wear your child in a pleasant way for both parent and child.

  • Take a wrap yourself is not necessary. The consultants have extra wraps. In various lengths and types suitable for all sizes. Of course you can bring your own wrap;
  • It is useful to take someone (eg partner or grandmother) to take care of your child as long as we are practicing with the doll;
  • The consultant can also come to your place. We charge an amount for travel expenses that must be added to the costs of the consultation. The consultation may take place with the consultant in Enschede, Oss or Hardenberg.

The price for an individual consultation with Kirsten is € 50, – for about 1.5 to 2 hours.
The price for a double consultation with Kirsten is € 75, – for about 2 hours.

Is there a need for more information about the consultation, a referral to another consultant or want to book a date? Please contact us via the contact form.