Babywearing resume

November 2008,
Basic course Die Trageschule Dresden
January 2009,
Founding of the Association of Babywearing Consultants. Co-founder and president (January 2009-April 2010, Member (January 2009-today)
August 2009,
Advanced course Die Trageschule Dresden
October 2009,
Certification Die Trageschule Dresden
June 2009, June 2010 en June 2011,
Dresdner Tragetagen Die Trageschule Dresden, participant
September 2010,
Introduction Kinaesthetic Infant Handling
November 2008-november 2011,
Organising courses Die Trageschule Dresden in the Netherlands
July 2013,
European Babywearing Conference, participant and speaker
March 2012-today,
Founding of the Instituut voor Hechting (Institute for Attachment), Training babywearing consultants (October 2012-today)
November 2008-today,
Various information sessions, workshops and consultations for professionals and parents

*November 2008, Basic course Die Trageschule Dresden: Three days of intensive training. This first course qualifies consultants to guide and support individual parents in a positive way and help them how to carry their baby.

*January 2009, Foundation Association of Babywearing Consultants (VDC): Co-founder and chairwoman (January 2009- April 2010) Together we have been working since January 25, 2009 to get Babywearing to be more well known in the Netherlands and Belgium.

*August 2009, Advanced course Die Trageschule Dresden: Three days of intensive training. More knotting techniques! In addition, we have focused on teaching and handling groups.

*October 2009, Certification Die Trageschule Dresden: Another three days of practice and exchanging information. In the Certification course all participants present a individual presentation and must undergo a practical exam. On successful completion of this course, a Trageschule Certificate is awarded.

*June 2009, June 2010 and June 2011, Dresdner Tragetagen Die Trageschule Dresden: In 2009 and 2011  a congress with international speakers. Three days of networking with consultants and manufacturers from all over the world. In 2010 a smaller setting and consultants only. Theory and practice are been refreshed and networking with consultants from all over the World is possible. In Dresden, Germany.

*September 2010, Introduction Kinaesthetic Infant Handling: By Sabina Hartz, one day course in the Netherlands. Communication by touching and moving. In this course we have been tought to promote the mobility of young children in gravity. We do this by supporting the active self-monitoring of the child so the child can orient themselves better and is calmer. The joint contact is therefore more in tune.

*November 2008-November 2011, Organising courses: Organising 14 courses off  Die Trageschule Dresden in the Netherlands.

*July 2013, European babywearing conference in Bristol, United Kingdom. Presenting babywearing in special needs situations together with Jolijn Geerdink, Joanne Norris and Nicole Hastie. Participating in other lectures and workshops and international networking.

*March 2012-present,
Founding the Instituut voor Hechting (Institute for Attachment). Babywearing consultants where first trained in October 2012. In 2013/2014 there will be two more courses for babywearing consultants. In 2014 the breastfeeding and the nurture part of the Institute will be formed.

*November 2008-present:
– Provide information on official training evenings for maternity care assistants from various companies.
– Educating and practical workshops for parents with various Mammacafé’s.
– Consultations and workshops for parents.