Lilababy has been the specialist on Babywearing in Twente for years.The compagnie is owned and runned by Kirsten, but she loves working together with other consultants. Kirsten likes to refer to  Annelies from Hardenberg or one of the consultants from the Instituut voor Hechting.

More and more parents carry their babies in a babycarrier. Fortunately, because babywearing is good for bonding, the physical and mental development, and also very cozy and practical. Lilababy helps parents to wear their baby in a pleasant, ergonomic way to carry. What are good support systems? How do I tie a wrap? Or is a carrier with a buckle anything for me?

We provide individual consultations, at people’s homes or at one of the consultants in Glanerbrug or Hardenberg. Group workshops are also possible. Furthermore Lilababy has some nice presentations about babywearing. Fully customized for your occasion.

By partnering with other consultants Lilababy will be even more the babywearing center for the region – and beyond. We chose to optimise our information and consultancy, so we have dispossed the webshop for the main part.

Want to know more? On babywearing or about consultations or lectures? Take a look on our website at consultation or call Kirsten Minnen: 0031 (0)6456 020 85.